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Immature Survival Proportion and Sex Ratio

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posted on 22.05.2019, 03:30 by Alima Qureshi, Andrew Aldersley, Brian Hollis, Alongkot Ponlawat, Lauren Cator
Data on the proportion of first instar larvae which survived to adulthood, the proportion of first instars that survived to pupation, and the proportion of pupae that survived to emergence, the total number of males and females emerging for each replicate tray for the Test Rearing (selection) We determined the effect of treatment on the proportion of first instar larvae that eventually emerged as adults using a GLMM with treatment as a fixed effect and replicate pair, population and experimental block as random effects. We used a GLMM to test for the effect of treatment on the total proportion of emerging adults which were female and incorporated replicate pair, population and block as random effects.







Aedes aegypti