Genetic and ecomorphological dataset from Kahilainen et al. Species introduction promotes hybridization and introgression in Coregonus: is there sign of selection against hybrids? Molecular Ecology (online ISSN:1095-8312). Columns A-B give individual code and a priori classification followed by mtDNA (C) and microsatellite data (D-Q). Columns R-U give assignment results from genetic data and final posteriori grouping (WF=whitefish, V=vendace, F1=F1 hybrid, BCV=backcross to vendace and BCWF=backcross to whitefish). Body size and morphology is given in W-AA, niche utilization in AB-AP and life-history traits in AQ-AU. Sex is coded as 1=female, 2=male, 3=juvenile and sexual maturity as 1-3=immature and 4=mature.