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posted on 08.11.2018, 03:30 by Robert E Kenward
Data used to infer the resource needs of common buzzards (Buteo buteo) Dorset, southern UK. Inference was made by applying Resource-Area-Dependence Analysis (RADA) to a sample of 114 buzzard home ranges and a thematic map depicting resource distribution. The compressed archive contains the radio-tracking dataset, which consists of standardized 30 locations per home range obtained via VHF telemetry between 1990 and 1995. The thematic map, formed by using knowledge about buzzards to group 25 land-cover types of the Land Cover Map of Great Britain into 16 map classes, is available against permission at public site All coordinates are in UK National Grid format (EPSG 27700). The radio-tracking dataset is provided as: (i) .txt and (ii) .loc. The format in (ii) is native to the Ranges suite of software ( for the analysis of animal home ranging and habitat use. Since its first release in 1990, Ranges has been used in analyses underpinning dozens of publications in scientific journals (ex. The release of the latest version, Ranges 9, was used for RADA outputs in this paper. A DEMO of Ranges 9, which allows for opening and visualizing the data files provided herein, is available for download without charge ( RADA itself is available in the full Ranges 9 version (






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Buteo buteo