MOTU table Brown shrimp diet metabarcoding

Table including the taxonomic assignment (using ecotag), the abundances per sample and the sequence of 8,352 COI-MOTUs found in sediment and pooled Crangon crangon stomach samples collected from 24 sites in the Netherlands, Portugal and United Kingdom. Ordered in the following columns: (A) id, (B) rank, (C) scientific_name, (D) best_identity, (E) superkingdom, (F) kingdom, (H) phylum, (H) class, (I) order, (J) family, (K) genus, (L) species, (M to AI) abundances in the different sediment samples, (AJ to CI) abundances in the different full stomach samples, (CJ-CL) abundances in the different empty stomach samples, (CM) sequence_length, (CN) sequence.