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posted on 24.11.2019, 12:28 by Fanny Pouyet
This dryad page provides the data and the source code for the figures in " Background selection and biased gene conversion affect more than 95% of the human genome and bias demographic inferences " by Pouyet F,* Aeschbacher S*, Thiery A and Excoffier L. * first co-authors It contains as compressed files: -- 1 -- Genotype tables and annotations from 1000G and SGDP data with README files that describe the data and how to use them. -- 2 -- the R scripts to perform the figures of INDA -- 3 -- the confidence intervals of the estimates as well as the source code to estimate them -- 4 -- the scripts (R and python) to make the SFS figures as well as estimate confidence intervals and compute the SFS -- 5 -- the setting parameters for FastSimCoal demographic inferences Supplementary file - settings files for demographi ... -- 6 -- the scripts for SLiM simulations and analyses (bash and R code) + a table with parameters used in the SLiM simulations (.csv) + the scripts and raw data that I used to make the figures (.txt and .R) si_files_SA.tar.gz Extra READMEs describe the files and how to launch them to compute the statistics or to make the figures.