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Mating and Acoustic Signalling in Isolated Pairs

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posted on 22.05.2019, 03:30 by Alima Qureshi, Andrew Aldersley, Brian Hollis, Alongkot Ponlawat, Lauren Cator
This dataset contains the acoustic and behavioural outcomes between one on one interactions between HMC and NMC males presented with a tethered UA female. We used a GLMM with a binomial distribution to test for the fixed effect of treatment (HMC/NMC) on the whether harmonic convergence was detected during an isolated mating attempt (Yes/No) with a U female. In a separate model, we tested for the effect of convergence, treatment, and their interaction on whether a pair formed a copula (Yes/No). We incorporated replicate pair, population and block into our models as random effects.






Aedes aegypti