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Mercury concentrations in foraging and fasting seals

posted on 27.03.2018, 13:27 by Sarah H. Peterson, Joshua T. Ackerman, Daniel E. Crocker, Daniel P. Costa
These are the supporting data for Peterson et al. 2018 “Foraging and fasting can influence contaminant concentrations in animals: an example with mercury contamination in a free-ranging marine mammal.” Included is the ID of each individual seal, the sex of each seal, and the date of the sample collection. We indicate which samples we used in each paired analysis (blood, muscle, and hair analyses across foraging trips or fasting periods). We indicate the Foraging Trip (Post-breeding vs. Post-molting) or Fasting Period (Breeding vs. Molting) that was used in analyses as well as the time period within a foraging trip (Pre-foraging vs. Post-foraging) or fasting period (Early fasting vs. Late fasting). We provide the mass (kg) of adult female seals and the standard length (cm) of seals. Total mercury (THg) concentrations are presented for blood (wet weight), hair (dry weight), and muscle (dry weight) in micrograms THg per gram (ppm). Note that individual seals are sampled multiple times in this dataset, thus the sampling dates are important to align samples temporally. Please contact the authors before using these data.





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Mirounga angustirostris