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Multiclass Infectious Disease Biomarker Data

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posted on 28.03.2018, 14:34 by Michael Rowe, Jonathan Melnick, Robert Gerwien, Joseph B. Legutki, Jessica Pfeilsticker, Theodore M. Tarasow, Kathryn F. Sykes
This data set consists of 331 rows and 126016 columns in a tab delimited text file. Each row corresponds to a different sample. The first 7 columns correspond to the sample meta data. Donor disease is provided in the second column and consist of 84 Chag (Chagas), 88 HBV (Hepatitis B), 71 HCV (Hepatitis C) and 88 WNV (West Nile virus). The third column provides the donors' age, the fourth the donors' sex. There are 62 females (F) and 1102 Males in this data set. The fifth column provides the date the sample was drawn in YYYY-MM-DD format, and the 6th any available ethnicity information. The final meta data column is "process.lock" which is an indicator of what process was used to create this particular set of arrays. The remaining 126009 correspond to the raw intensities associated with the peptide sequence that defines that column name.






Trypanosoma cruzi