Phantom Gas Field bird abundance data

These data were collected in the field and includes the bird counts from both seasons in 2014 and 2015. Column Station refers to the name of the site (16 sites in 2014, and 12 in 2015), Point Id refers to the specific point count location within the site (station):50 m count center or 250 m from the center. Month column indicates the month number (4=April), LEQ_median and L50 median refer to the monthly median sound levels, Point indicates the point count location in the site: 0=50 m and 1=250m, Species refers to the bird species: BRSP (Brewer's sparrow), HOLA (Horned lark), WEME (Western meadowlark), SABS (Sagebrush sparrow), SATH (Sage thrasher). Treatment 0=control, and treatment 1= noise site. Bird count= number of birds counted per point count event. Sagecover_percent=percent of sagebrush cover at each site.