Phased haplotpyes -- callable regions

The .tar archive contains phasing information for each sample. The files *.mask.bed.gz, indicate the genomic regions for each sample deemed to be callable. Files are based on the GRCh37 reference genome assembly. This release contains phased data generated by Song et al. as well as reprocessing of previously published data (samples NA20847 (KITZMAN et al. 2011), HGDP01029 and HGDP00456 (MEYER et al. 2012)). Please see Song et al. 2016 for more information. The following files are included: HG02799.fosmid.phased.vcf.gz, HG02799.mask.bed.gz, HG03108.fosmid.phased.vcf.gz, HG03108.mask.bed.gz, HG03428.fosmid.phased.vcf.gz, HG03428.mask.bed.gz, HGDP00456.fosmid.phased.vcf.gz, HGDP00456.mask.bed.gz, HGDP01029.fosmid.phased.vcf.gz, HGDP01029.mask.bed.gz, NA12878.fosmid.phased.vcf.gz, NA12878.mask.bed.gz, NA19240.fosmid.phased.vcf.gz, NA19240.mask.bed.gz, NA20847.fosmid.phased.vcf.gz, NA20847.mask.bed.gz, NA21302.fosmid.phased.vcf.gz, NA21302.mask.bed.gz.