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Predicted probability of occurrence of Etelis coruscans in the main Hawaiian Islands

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posted on 20.11.2019, 10:18 by Zack. S. Oyafuso, Jeffrey C. Drazen, Cordelia H. Moore, Erik C. Franklin
The “” file contains two files: an asci raster grid file of predicted probability of occurrence of Etelis coruscans as a proportion (0.0-1.0) across the main Hawaiian Islands between 50 and 400 m depth (“Etelis_coruscans.txt”) and an associated projection file (Etelis_coruscans.prj). The asci file includes a six-line header section with data in 10315 columns (“ncols”) and 6394 rows (“nrows”) georegistered to 326589.18933012 and 2083866.5021671 at the lower left corner of the grid (“xllcorner”, “yllcorner”). Grid cell size is 60 m and no data values are -9999. Fish presence/absence data were collected from BRUV (BotCam) surveys collected between 2007-2015 and was modelled using boosted regression trees with various benthic habitat variables including depth, slope, rugosity, and bathymetric position index. The optimal model was used to predict Etelis coruscans probability of occurrence across the entire spatial domain. Further details on methodology and results are contained in Oyafuso et al. (2017) Habitat-based species distribution modelling of the Hawaiian deepwater snapper-grouper complex. Fisheries Research, 195:19-27.








Etelis coruscans