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Provisioning rate data 2017

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posted on 24.11.2019, 11:38 by Amelia Cox, Raleigh Robertson, Ádám Lendvai, Kennedy Everitt, Frances Bonier
2017 provisioning rates for tree swallows with weather data. Column headings as follows: boxID=nest box ID (not unique), ffv=female provisioning rate (feeding visits/hr), mfv=male provisioning rate (feeding visits/hr), NestlingsAlive=The number of nestlings in the nest on the date provisioning rate was measured, Date=Date provisioning rate was measured (YYYY-mm-dd), meanwindspeed=mean windspeed from 5:30am-8pm on the day we measured provisioning rate (m/s), MaxTemp=maximum daily temperature on the day we measured provisioning rate (°C), TotalRain_3day=total rainfall in the three days preceding when we measured provisioning rate (mm), TotalRain_3day2= “Rain” if it had rained more than 3mm in the preceding days, otherwise “None”






Tachycineta bicolor