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R PerSIMPER function

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posted on 17.12.2019, 14:40 by Corentin Gibert, Gilles Escarguel
Based on a presence/absence matrix, this function allows the identification of the first-order process of assembly underlying a set of taxonomic assemblages. Its use should therefore be limited to the comparison of significantly distinct taxonomic sets. But at the same time connected enough to allow the potential dispersal of species between these different sets. The PER-SIMPER method distinguishes the main ecological assembly process (between species dispersal capacity and niche richness) at the origin of the observed taxonomic differences between two (or more) compared sets of assemblages. The PER-SIMPER method is associated with the calculation of the E index (the logarithm of the sum of squared deviations between empirical and simulated SIMPER profiles) to assist in distinguishing the result of PER-SIMPER analyses.