Raw radar files from tern colony on Great Gull Island, NY

2016-11-11T03:32:28Z (GMT) by Joseph D. Warren Samuel S. Urmy
Zipped archive containing 200 raw radar sweeps recorded as NetCDF files on 22 July 2014 on Great Gull Island, NY. Each file contains a single sweep of the radar's antenna, with three variables. The variable "amplitude" contains 2-D array of radar reflectivities in polar coordinates. Amplitudes are recorded as 16-bit signed integer values from the digitizer: to convert them to voltages, divide by the variable's "max_counts" metadata value (which is equal to 32764 for all files in this archive). The other two variables, "pulse_number" and "range", are the values corresponding to the amplitude array's azimuth and radial axes. Analysis scripts for these files are found in the article's supplementary online information.