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Retention time and abundance of tyrosine and derivatives in Inga

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posted on 18.11.2019, 11:08 by Abrianna J. Soule, Thomas A. Kursar
Tyrosine content and the retention times and abundances of tyrosine, tyramine and DOPA gallate ions for each species and site. The ‘Species code’ is our identifier for both species and site. Codes beginning in 'Ing' are from Barro Colorado Island, Panama; 'LA' are from Los Amigos, Peru, 'M' are from Manaus (Km41), Brazil; 'N' are from Nouragues, French Guiana; and 'T' are from Tiputini, Ecuador. Exp and M are expanding and mature leaves, respectively, with ‘n’ indicating sample size. RT is retention time on the UPLC column. TIC is total ion count or ion abundance. Most species/site combinations had five independent UPLC-MS analyses; the exceptions are noted. All UPLC-MS analyses were as described in ‘Analysis of gallic acid depsides of tyrosine, tyramine and DOPA’. For this table, one sample with the highest signal was analyzed per species/site combination by searching for the m/z values given in Table S2. Since the ion abundances of these amines were consistently higher by factors of 6x to 60x for positive mode relative to negative mode, this analysis exclusively used positive mode data in order to maximize sensitivity.








Central America, South America, Amazon, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, French Guiana, Peru


Inga (Fabacae)