SNP genotyping data from the Yemeni and Eritreans

This dataset includes SNP genotyping data from 90 Yemeni (divided into three populations) and three Eritreans. Genotyping data have been provided in binary Plink format (.bed, .bim, .fam) for all 607,938 autosomal SNPs, which we exported from Affymetrix Genotyping Console. Affymetrix and dbSNP identifications for all 607,938 SNPs included as well as for the 585,413 SNPs analyzed in our study have also been provided. All samples were genotyped on the Affymetrix Human Origins array with support from NSF BCS-1258965 to Connie J. Mulligan and Deven N. Vyas. Yemeni samples were collected in Yemen in 2007 with support from NSF BCS-0518530 to Connie J. Mulligan. The Eritrean samples were collected from international students at the University of Florida. Yemeni_metadata.xlsx includes sex, first language, and population and governate identifications for all 90 Yemeni.