SOPxIM_F3_fine mapping

2018-07-10T03:35:31Z (GMT) by Jennifer Coughlan John Willis
Fine mapping for 9 lines which comprise 4 recombinant classes (labeled FM1-4; detailed in Coughlan & Willis. 2018. MEC) for several traits measured on the day of first flower (FT= days til flower, FN= node of first flower, TL= tube length, CW= corolla width, ST= stem thickness, IL1= internode length between cotyledons and first true leaf, IL2= internode length between first and second true leaves, NS= number of stolons). Genotype for each individual is listed under 'Genotype', where AA= IM62 homozygote, BB= SOP7 homozygote, and AB= heterozygote.