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Sample meta data

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posted on 10.05.2018, 03:32 by David Knowles, Courtney Burrows, John Blischak, Kristen Patterson, Daniel Serie, Nadine Norton, Carole Ober, Jonathan Pritchard, Yoav Gilad
meta data associated with each sample, and columns: * **id** - unique ID for sample. Composed of sample number, cell line, and dosage information. * **sample** - sample number. Range from 1-230. Each set of 5 are the treatments for one individual, in increasing concentrations of dox. * **cell_line** - the cell line number. Each cell line corresponds one individual. * **dbgap** - anonymized ID for matching cell_line to genotypes. * **sample_id** - anonymized ID assigned to each unique combination of `dbgap` and `dosage. * **dosage** - the concentration of dox used in the treatment. * **rin** - the RNA Integrity Number (RIN). Range from 1-10. * **rna_conc** - the RNA concentration (ng/uL) after RNA extraction. * **lib_prep_batch** - the batches the libraries were prepared in. * **index** - the TruSeq adapter index used for multiplexing. * **library_conc** - the concentration (ng/uL) of the library measured on the Bioanalyzer. * **fragment_size** - the mean fragment size as measured on the Bioanalyzer. * **qpcr** - the library concentration (nmol) as measured via qPCR. * **qpcr_dilute** - the concentration (nmol) of the diluted library. * **master_mix** - the master mix for pooling libraries. 10 samples (2 individuals) per master mix. * **lane_perc** - The percentage of sequences in one lane that were assigned to a sample.