Shores_2019_data_Figure_4_Table_2_Mesopredator%20and%20apex%20predator%20activity%20records%20from%20game%20cameras_GLMM.csv (11.35 MB)

Shores_2019_data_Figure_4_Table_2_Mesopredator and apex predator activity records from game cameras_GLMM

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posted on 08.05.2019, 03:30 by Carolyn Shores, Justin Dellinger, Eric Newkirk, Aaron Wirsing
Data of recorded species observations from game cameras. Description of columns in .csv file: Location = unique identifier corresponding to each camera location; study_area: Categorical variable identifying 1 of 4 study areas, N = Nc’icn (wolf area), S = Strawberry (wolf area), B = Bonaparte (non-wolf area), A = Aeneas (non-wolf area); date: unique identifier corresponding to dates starting with 0 = May 1, 2013 and 1095 = April 30, 2016; time_cat: time category of either night, dawn, day or dusk; season: winter or summer; bobcat/coyote/human/wolf_activity: number of photographs of the identified species indexed by time category, date, and camera sampling location; day: fraction of a day represented by each time category. This column is used in the model offset to account for the varying amount of time (10 hours vs. 2 hours) in the different time categories; wolf_presence: yes or no for whether a wolf pack was present in the study area.






Washington state, USA




Canis lupus, Canis latrans, Lynx rufus