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Single phenotypic measurements for Helgeland house sparrows adjusted to May 2CY

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posted on 18.12.2019, 14:31 by Sarah Lundregan, Ingerid Hagen, Jostein Gohli, Alina Niskanen, Petri Kemppainen, Thor Harald Ringsby, Thomas Kvalnes, Henrik Pärn, Bernt Rønning, Håkon Holand, Peter S. Ranke, Anna Båtnes, Linn-Karina Selvik, Sigbjorn Lien, Bernt-Erik Sæther, Arild Husby, Henrik Jensen
File containing single phenotypic measurements for Helgeland individuals used in main analysis (metapopulation location 66°30’N, 12°30’E). Measurements were taken from all adult birds recorded between 1998-2013. To give a single value for each individual, measurements of adult birds (second calendar year (2CY) and older) were adjusted to May in 2CY using a linear mixed effects model with age, age2 and month as fixed factors, random intercepts for year, cohort and ID number, and a random slope for the effect of age within ID number to account for any between-individual variation. If age and month effects were significant (P < 0.05) in likelihood ratio tests, predicted values from the model were used to adjust measurements to May in 2CY before calculation of mean phenotypic values. ID is individual id determined by ring number. Sex is the genetic sex. Hatchyear is the first year recorded for birds measured as nestlings or fledged juveniles, or the year prior to first year recorded for birds ringed as adults. Hatch island is the island the bird was first recorded on. Island is hatch island if hatch island was one of the 8 SNP typed islands, else it is the island on which the blood sample for SNP typing was taken.








Passer domesticus


Helgeland, Northern Norway, 66°30’N - 12°30’E