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Source code 2: Test datasets for OPT reconstruction and registration (part 2)

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posted on 30.07.2019, 16:01 by Amin Allalou, Yuelong Wu, Mostafa Ghannad-Rezaie, Peter M. Eimon, Mehmet Faith Yanik
These RAR archive files contain the following: (1) acquisition data from our OPT platform of a 2 dpf fezf2 mutant embryo stained with an in situ probe for ascl1a (folder 'data\OPT', extension '.mat'). This file serves as a test dataset for our OPT reconstruction source code. (2) Unstained reference fish (URFs; folder 'data\Registration\ referenceFish') and OPT reconstructions from 8 wild-type embryos (folder 'data\Registration\TestData_th_2dpf\wt') and 8 fezf2 mutant embryos (folder 'data\Registration\TestData_th_2dpf\mt') stained with an in situ probe for tyrosine hydroxylase (th). URFs for 2 dpf and 3 dpf are provided. All th-stained embryos are 2 dpf. These images serve as a test dataset for our registration source code. Source code for both OPT reconstruction and registration is available at Download all RAR archive files (parts 1 through 7) prior to extraction.






Danio rerio