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Species Trait Data for Regression Analysis

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posted on 18.12.2019, 02:36 by Courtney Davis, Lindsey Rich, Zach Farris, Marcella Kelly, Mario Di Bitetti, Yamil Di Blanco, Sebastian Albanesi, Mohammad Farhadinia, Navid Gholikhani, Sandra Hamel, Bart Harmsen, Claudia Wultsch, Mamadou Kane, Quinton Martins, Asia Murphy, Robin Steenweg, S. Sunarto, Atieh Taktehrani, Kanchan Thapa, Jody Tucker, Jesse Whittington, Febri Widodo, Nigel Yoccoz, David Miller
Species trait data for each of the 768 paired carnivores in all 13 study areas. Species codes (Spp1 and Spp2) were derived from the first two letters of the genus and species name (e.g., EIBA = Eira barbara). Appendix S2 contains the full list of species examined in this study. We summarized the categorical variables of diet, temporal activity pattern, social structure, body size and taxonomic similarity in two ways. For the first coarse comparison method (e.g., DietCovSimple), we compared species with differing trait values (e.g., when species A | B are strict carnivore | omnivore) to those where pairs shared the trait value (e.g., strict carnivore | strict carnivore). In other words, species pairs were either labeled the ‘same’ or ‘different’ for all categorical variables of interest. For the fine-scale trait comparison (e.g., DietCov), species pairs were categorically valued for all combinations of a trait (e.g., strict carnivore | strict carnivore = 1, strict carnivore | omnivore = 2, strict carnivore | insectivore = 3, etc.). We also characterized the mean weight ratio (heavier:lighter species, MeanBodySize) between two species, including it as a log-transformed continuous variable (logMeanBodySize). We also include the observed number of carnivore species in each study area (NumSpecies) and the study area’s climate as determined by the Köppen-Geiger climate classification system (Climate). Finally, this file also includes the estimated Species Interaction Factor (SIF), the standard deviation of SIF (sd), and the log-transformed SIF values (logSIF).








Argentina, Belize, Botswana, Canada, Indonesia, Iran, Madagascar, Nepal, Norway, Senegal, South Africa, U.S.A.