Standardized abundances of carabid species caught in every sites

This table contains the standardized abundances of each carabid species captured in each of the 192 sites. Carabids were collected using three pitfall traps in each site and beetle abundances were divided by the number of days each trap was active to remove the effect of trap disturbance. The code for each species is available in table E1 of the associated publication (Blanchet et al. Consensus RDA across dissimilarity coefficients for canonical ordination of community composition data, Ecological Monographs) as well as the detailed description of sampling protocol. More details about sampling and analysis of this data may be found in: Blanchet FG, JAC Bergeron, JR Spence, F He, 2013. Landscape effects of disturbance, habitat heterogeneity and spatial autocorrelation for a ground beetle (Carabidae) assemblage in mature boreal forest. Ecography, 36(5): 636-647; Bergeron JAC, GF Blanchet, JR Spence, WJA Volney, 2012. Ecosystem classification and inventory maps as surrogates for ground-beetle assemblages in boreal forest, Journal of Plant Ecology, 5(1): 97-108; and Bergeron JAC, JR Spence, WJA Volney, 2011. Landscape patterns of species-level association between ground-beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) and overstory trees in boreal forests of western Canada, Zookeys, 147: 577-600. This data and the analysis procedures associated with this paper are also available in the R package ordiconsensus (