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Summary of the detector performance data

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posted on 14.02.2019, 03:31 by Trudi Webster, Sofie Van Parijs, Will Rayment, Steve Dawson
This spreadsheet contains data on the performance of the automated detector (the eXtensible BioAcoustic Tool (XBAT) written in MATLAB) which was developed for upcall vocalisations produced by North Atlantic right whales. Manual and automated detections were compared to test the effectiveness and sensitivity of the algorithm for detecting SRW upcalls. We randomly selected 10% of the total number of recordings for verification analysis and annotated the detection events as either true or false based on the manual classification. Two measures of detector performance were applied: Positive Predictive Value (PPV) which represents the percentage of the upcalls logged by the detector that were judged by the human analyst to have been correctly assigned, and True Positive Rate (TPR) which represents the percentage of upcalls detected by the analyst also logged by the detector.