Kocot_et_al_2019_supplementary_data.zip (772.68 MB)

Supplementary data for Phylogenomics of Aplacophora (Mollusca, Aculifera) and a solenogaster without a foot

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posted on 18.12.2019, 07:19 by Kevin Kocot, Christiane Todt, Nina Mikkelsen, Ken Halanych
This archive contains assemblies for all transcriptomes sequenced for this project ("Assembled_transcriptomes" folder), input and output files of all phylogenetic analyses ("Phylogenetic_analysis_results" folder), the custom Solenogastres HaMStR core ortholog set produced for this study ("Solenogastres_hmmer3_core_ortholog_set_for_HaMStR" folder), a file with all COI sequences extracted from the newly sequenced transcriptomes ("COI_mined_from_transcriptomes.fas"), and the script used to process the HaMStR output and generate the datasets analyzed in this study ("Dataset_assembly_script.sh").







Spathoderma clenchi, Micromenia fodiens, Kruppomenia borealis, Meiomenia swedmarki, Apodomenia enigmatica, Prochaetoderma californicum, Proneomenia sluiteri, Amphimeniidae sp., Phyllomenia sp., Stylomenia sulcodoryata, Tonicella lineata, Simrothiella margaritacea, Scutopus ventrolineatus, Hypomenia sanjuanensis, Entonomenia tricarinata, Helluoherpia aegiri, Falcidens caudatus, Epimenia babai, Falcidens sagittiferus, Chaetoderma nitidulum, Neomenia carinata, Macellomenia schanderi, Alexandromenia crassa, Proneomenia custodiens