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Thermal tolerance limits of ectotherms and endotherms acorss latitude, elevation, and associated environmental extreme temperature

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posted on 19.06.2019, 03:30 by Jennifer Sunday, Joanne M. Bennet, Piero Calosi, Susana Clusella Trullas, Sarah Gravel, Anna L. Hargreaves, Félix P. Leiva, Wilco C. E. P. Verberk, Miguel Ángel Olalla-Tárraga, Ignacio Morales-Castilla
This data file contains thermal tolerance limits for ectotherms and endotherms of the Globtherm Database, with some errors corrected and new methodological and environmental data associated with each limit. All temperatures are in °C. Associated with every thermal limit is the full taxonomy of the species (one single upper or lower thermal limit reported for every species), the thermal limit type (upper = max, lower = min), the temperature of the thermal limit, the metric used to assess thermal limit (lethal limits = LT50 or LT100, critical limits = ct, edges of the thermal neutral zone = TNZ), and the latitude, longitude, and elevation of collection points of individuals assayed. Also included are methodological variables associated with each thermal limit: the acclimation temperature prior to the assay, the starting temperature before temperature ramping (for critical limit studies only), the ramping rate (for critical limit studies only), and the exposure duration (for lethal limit studies only). Extreme episodic environmental temperature associated with each thermal limit is given, and the "acclimation offset" (see paper methods for source details of environmental temperatures and calculation of acclimation offset). Reference code for thermal limit and methodological data are included as "references".