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Trait-CWMs From Guisane Valley in the French Alps

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posted on 27.03.2018, 13:34 by Rafael O. Wüest, Tamara Muenkenmuller, Sebastien Lavergne, Laura Pollock, Wilfried Thuiller
The file contains the necessary data to repeat the analyses presented in the article "Integrating correlation between traits improves spatial predictions of plant functional composition". The first column "plotID" contains an identifier for each plot. The following four columns list the centered values of community weighted means of the four analyzed traits, where "height" stands for vegetation height, "seedm" stands for seed mass, "ldmc" stands for leaf dry matter content, and "sla" stands for specific leaf area. The remaining four columns contain the environmental data that characterizes the plots, where "precip" stands for precipitation, "relh" stands for relative humidity, "mintemp" stands for minimal temperature, and "topo" stands for topography. Be aware that all data are centered and scaled such that each column's mean is zero, their standard deviation is one.








Guisane Valley, French Alps