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posted on 27.03.2018, 13:05 by Aleta Pleasant, Pat Barclay
This file includes the data for Aleta Pleasant & Pat Barclay's "Why hate the good guy? Antisocial punishment of high cooperators is higher when people compete to be chosen". The Excel file includes one worksheet describing the variables, and another worksheet with the actual data. Please note that the data include both individual data and averages for each group of 4. In other words, every fifth row or sixth row is not an individual, but a group total. This is clearly labeled in column B ("group") as either a 0 (individual data) or a 1 (group average). When analyzing the data, you must either exclude the rows for individual data (to analyze group averages) or exclude the rows for group data (to analyze individual data); otherwise you will double count. The data also include participants in the Markets Condition who did not play a public goods game but were "Observers" (i.e., Trustors in a Trust Game)... these are identified as 1's in column G (Observer), and they provided no data on contributions or punishment because they did not play the public goods game.