incrmement measurements

Raw increment measurements and biological data for 4318 (of 6143) fish from fishing areas EBS and ETAS. This subset represents ~74% of increment data used in analyses. The full data set has not been published as it underpins commercially sensitive stock assessments and is held by CSIRO in confidence on behalf of AFMA. Requests for the full data set will be considered on a case by case basis and must be directed to Dr David Smith, Research Director Marine Resources & Industries, CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere Flagship. David(dot)C(dot)Smith(at)csiro(dot)au. Area: fishing area; FishID: unique identifier for each individual; Sex: M or F; Gear:otter trawl (OT), Danish seine (DS) or unknown; Capyear: capture year; Capmonth: capture month; Floorlength: fish length (cm) rounded down to the nearest whole number; AdjAge: adjusted fish age, based on increment count, otolith edge type, date of capture and the species’ nominal birthday (1 Jan). This is the age-at-capture variable in the paper, and is a fish’s age in whole years; DeciAge: decimal age based on date of capture in relation to birth date; Radius: otolith radius along measuring transect in mm; YOB: year of birth, or year class. Year: calendar year in which a given increment was deposited; Age: age in years corresponding to a given increment; Increment: width of otolith annuli in mm