demultiplexed & trimmed reads for all samples (n=81)

Compressed package with demultiplexed and trimmed RADseq data for 81 samples (i.e. 81 .fastq.gz files representing all samples listed in Appendix S1). Demultiplexing and trimming was done in PyRAD v. 2.17 (Eaton 2014). Reads were de-multiplexed allowing for a maximum of two mismatches in each eight bp barcode, and restriction enzyme cut sites and adapter sequences were removed. .fastq.gz files are named as such: Sample ID-Collection#.fastq.gz. For example, Nepal_1_1101.fastq.gz is for the sample identified as "Nepal_1" in the associated publication, which was also assigned collection number 1101. The sample ID provides information on the general collection locality.