2019-04-09T03:30:06Z (GMT) by David M. Newbery Godlove A. Neba
Dry masses of leaves, stems and roots (‘DM_leaf’, ‘DM_stem’ and ‘DM_root’) of M. bisulcata seedlings from the forest experiment using mesh bags at harvest H1. ‘LS’ is the Latin-square subplot, ‘trmt’ is treatment (1 to 4 being with 0.5, 35 and 250 µm mesh, and no mesh, respectively), ‘col’ and ‘row’ are the column and row numbers of each LS layout, and ‘tag’ the seedling identifier. Survivorship is shown as ‘ad’ (0 – died, 1 – alive). Total plant mass (‘DM_total’) is shown where leaves were present to harvest. Covariates (‘cov_’) ‘rootpen1’ and ‘rootpen2’ are the coarse and fine scales scorings for external root penetration of the bags, and ‘height1’ and ‘height2’ (cm), and ‘leafnr’ (leaf number), the starting size variables (see Methods of publication).