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Figure S12 - MuSSE hindgut microbiota rates Macrotermitinae

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journal contribution
posted on 28.03.2018, 18:14 by Frédéric Legendre, Fabien Condamine
Results for the MuSSE analyses with the Macrotermitinae re-coded with ‘lower’ termites, due to their simple hindgut structure, along with plots of the differences in rates computed from the MCMC analyses using the best MuSSE model. The compound figure shows: 1) the differences between speciation rates as made by pair comparisons; 2) the differences between extinction rates; and 3) the differences between net diversification rates. Only the lineages with a complex hindgut structure have a significant different net diversification rates (i.e. no posterior distribution overlaps with the red line). Eusocial lineages with a complex hindgut structure diversified faster than other lineages (eusocial and non-eusocial organisms with simple hindgut structure)