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Figure S1 - Partitioning Isoptera final

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posted on 28.03.2018, 18:13 by Frédéric Legendre, Fabien Condamine
Figure S1. Partitioning the phylogeny of Dictyoptera into evolutionary scenarios. The null scenario is the entire dictyopteran tree. Then each time an evolutionary scenario is created, it consisted into a subclade and the rest of the tree composed of all dictyopterans without the subclade (i.e. here called the backbone). The numbers at nodes denotes all seven subclades. The first scenario excludes the entire termite (Isoptera, node 1). The second scenario excludes the Euisoptera (node 2). The third scenario excludes the Kalotermitidae + Neoisoptera (node 3). The fourth scenario excludes the Neoisoptera (node 4). The fifth scenario excludes the Neoisoptera minus the subfamily Rhinotermitinae (node 5). The sixth scenario excludes the Termitidae + Coptotermitinae + Heterotermitinae (node 6). The seventh scenario excludes the family Termitidae (node 7).