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Maximum likelihood tree Echinometra species COI

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posted on 12.11.2019, 08:34 by Remi N. Ketchum, Melissa B. DeBiasse, Joseph F. Ryan, John A. Burt, Adam M. Reitzel
Eight Echinometra COI sequences were included in our Maximum likelihood tree (ML); E. sp. C, E. oblonga, E. sp. A, E. mathaei, E. sp. EZ, our sample, the COI sequence extracted from the published E. mathaei mitogenome (denoted with an asterisk), and E. lucunter as an outgroup. The published E. mathaei mitogenome COI sequence is most closely grouped with the E. sp. EZ sequences. In order to generate the ML tree, we used a MAFFT alignment and an E-INS-i algorithm to align COI sequences (441 column nucleotide alignment) in Geneious v11.1.4. MEGA v7.0.21 was used to determine that the best fit model for the ML tree construction was K2+G. The ML tree was constructed in the PhyML v.3.0 plugin in Geneious v11.1.4. The numbers above the branches specify bootstrap percentages (1,000 replicates) and accession numbers are to the right of the species name. The sequence alignment used to generate this tree is also included in this data package submission.








Persian/Arabian Gulf


Echinometra mathaei, Echinometra sp. EZ, Echinometra