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posted on 12.04.2019, 03:30 by Daniel Portik, Rayna Bell, David Blackburn, Aaron Bauer, Christopher Barratt, William Branch, Marius Burger, Alan Channing, Timothy Colston, Werner Conradie, J Maximilian Dehling, Robert ewes, Raffael Ernst, Eli Greenbaum, Václav Gvoždík, James Harvey, Annika Hillers, Mareike Hirschfeld, Gregory Jongsma, Jos Kielgast, Marcel Kouete, Lucinda Lawson, Adam Leache, Simon Loader, Stefan Lötters, Arie van der Meijden, Michele Menegon, Susanne Müller, Zoltán Nagy, Caleb Ofori-Boateng, Annemarie Ohler, Theodore Papenfuss, Daniela Rößler, Ulrich Sinsch, Mark-Oliver Rödel, Michael Veith, Jens Vindum, Ange-Ghislain Zassi-Boulou, Jimmy McGuire
Figure S3. A comparison of Bayesian ancestral character reconstructions inferred using the stochastic Mk model of character evolution with symmetrical (Mk1) or asymmetrical (Mk2) transition rates in combination with a strict clock or random local clock model. All analyses enforced a monochromatic root prior. The marginal likelihoods and average number of state changes are shown for each analysis. Node sizes reflect the posterior probability for the inferred character state, and tips and nodes are colored with monochromatism in yellow and dichromatism in blue.






sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa