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posted on 27.03.2018, 12:46 by Eric Lewitus, Hélène Morlon
The ability to correctly recover trees simulated under a time-dependent model or temperature-dependent model where the dependence is on extinction. Columns in each plot show the percentage of trees recovered (A,B) or Akaike weights (C,D) for constant-rate (black), time-dependent (light blue), or temperature-dependent extinction (brown) models for a set of trees simulated under (A,C) time-dependence or (B,D) temperature-dependence. Trees simulated under time-dependent extinction (B,D) were also fit with time-dependent speciation models (grey). The x-axis shows the strength of the dependencies (i.e., $\alpha$ value) used to simulate each set of trees. Akaike weights are averaged over all trees simulated with the same $\alpha$.}