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posted on 25.11.2019, 02:10 by Alison Cloutier, Timothy Sackton, Phil Grayson, Michele Clamp, Allan Baker, Scott Edwards
Supplementary Figure S1 Palaeognath phylogenetic relationships inferred with MP-EST (a-d) and ASTRAL (e-h) coalescent-based species tree methods and maximum-likelihood inference of fully partitioned concatenated alignments with ExaML (i-l). Topologies were inferred from 12,676 conserved non-exonic elements (CNEEs; parts a,e,i), 5,016 introns (parts b,f,j), 3,158 ultraconserved elements (UCEs; parts c,g,k), and the total evidence data set of 20,850 loci combined across marker types (TENT; parts d,h,l). Bootstrap supports are drawn for clades with < 100% support.