male vs non-breeders data-set

ring – non-breeder identity. breeder_ring – breeder identity. obstime – observation bout length: 15min, 30min. year – year of observation. sex – sex of non-breeder. breeder_age – age of breeder. age – age of non-breeder. kinship – kinship breeder vs non-breeder: kin (parent-offspring, non-kin: breeder-immigrant). groupsize – group size. NSI – nesting success index of territory (see Griesser et al. 2008). prop_um – proportion unmanaged forest on territory (see Griesser et al. 2006). displaced – number of displacements received during 30 min. chased - number of chasing events received during 30 min. submissive - number of times submissive behaviour is displayed during 30 min. TrioML - Trio maximum likelihood r estimator. Ritland - Ritland’s r estimator. DyadML - Dyad maximum likelihood r estimator. Wang_mb - Wang’s r estimator. LynchLi_mb - Lynch and Li’s r estimator. QuellerGt_mb - Queller and Goodnight’s r estimator. LynchRd - Lynch and Ritland’s r estimator