M. DUTILLEUL, J.M. BONZOM, C. LECOMTE, B. GOUSSEN, F. DAIAN, S. GALAS, D. REALE 2014 Rapid evolutionary responses of life history traits to different experimentally-induced pollution in Caenorhabditis elegans BMC Evolutionary Biology =============================== File name: multiG2.csv File description: measures of survival, sex ratio and population size of Caenorhabditis elegans populations in different environments during a multi-generationnal experiment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Definition of column headings: generation: generation in which population was measured (1 to 22) environment: environment where the population lived (control, salt, uranium, alternating) replicate: denomination of the replicate population through the generations (A to X) survival: percentage of survival in the replicate population (%) ratio_M: percentage of male in the replicate population (%) pop_size: number of individuals in the replicate population Missing data are indicated with NA ================================ Contact information: