2016-10-07T11:15:32Z (GMT) by Alice Cang Ashley Wilson John Wiens
Results of tests of the relationship between species age and rates of niche change for each climatic variable (MAT = mean annual temperature, Bio1; TMAX = maximum temperature of the warmest month, Bio5; TMIN = minimum temperature of the coldest month, Bio6; MAP = mean annual precipitation, Bio12). Species ages and niche rates for all climatic variables initially failed the Shapiro-Wilk test for normality. Therefore results presented here are either ordinary-least squares (OLS) regressions after ln-transforming ages and nich rates, or (when one or both variables were still non-normal after ln-transformation), from a non-parametric test (Spearman’s rank correlation; SR). All OLS relationships are negative. Shapiro-Wilk test results are for the ln-transformed variables.